Tuesday, October 2, 2012

D is for Sock Doggies

Last week we studied the letter D, Benny and me.  We made some Dragon Feet out of tissue boxes that we got from the dollar store, emptied of tissue and shoved under the sink to use when we run out of toilet paper.  Ben painted them with glitter glue and we cut out the toes from toilet paper rolls.

Then we decided we wanted to make sock puppets, so in honor of the letter "D" we made sock Doggies which doesn't really have a nice ring to it, does it?  But at least it uses the letter "D".  We each made a sock doggie and then for good measure I made blue-haired Abigail...since I only own one color of yarn (blue) and I named her Abigail because it just sounded right in the bad southern accent I used when I started puppeting with her.

Then we decided to make a puppet theater, which doesn't have a "D" anywhere - not in the scarf I cut up to use for curtains, or the string I used to hold them back.  Not for the sun made out of cardboard and pipecleaners, or the clouds Ben glued cotton balls on.  Nor is there a "D" in the paper grass that Ben colored with marker and taped on by himself or the popsicle sticks he attached to the ceiling of the theater.  The apple tree with seed pods and leaves glued on does not teach the letter "D" either.  Oh well - we had fun with it.  F for Fun.  :)

We of course also practiced writing the letter "D" and walked around the house naming things that start with the letter "D" (which was conspicuously absent from our theater project).  We went to the library and got some books about Dinosaurs and Dragons and Dogs.  We opened doors, we danced, we ate donuts (he did), we drank (milk) which was delicious I daresay.

Dwayne the Sock Doggie

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