Saturday, September 29, 2012

10 pounds in 10 weeks for 10 dollars

The other day, Ryan showed me a video of an old friend of ours - basically, he is a former student in Ryan's youth group who has grown up, and now knows some wealthy and influential people.  To see the video, click here...

His challenge is to lose 80 pounds in 8 months, and if he does so, he will receive 20,000 dollars from one of the band members from Foster the People.  

I watched the video and (semi-self absorbed person that I am) immediately thought "hey, why not me too?"  So, I individualized the plan to be more what I need - 10 pounds should do it...10 weeks should do it (in fact,  check here to see an article on exactly that! ) And for monetary motivation...10 bucks is all I could get out of my dear hubby so 10 bucks is what I've got.  

To further my motivation, I roped a family member into doing this with me - I won't incriminate her and name names - it is a female family member in my direct familial "upline" however who is my biggest cheerleader in life and is a trooper to do this with me!  After exactly one meal into this endeavor I have already called her to commiserate...)  I then had Ryan put an app on my phone that allows me to keep track of exercise and diet and count calories (this is not new to most of the world, just to me).  Then I spent an hour online last night looking up "diet breakfast recipes."  None of them included scones dripping with butter, dripping with jam...bummer.  

So, now it is out there.  Hopefully no one I know will read this post because then they will know (ackh!) that I am on a diet.  And I never diet.  I just work out.  A lot.  Sadly though, that just doesn't seem to cut it these days and my budget does not allow for me to buy a new wardrobe.  So the 10-10-10 challenge it is.  

I already feel challenged.  I don't know how to diet without obsessing about food.  I get impatient and want to be fit after a day, not after several months.  I am really bad at drinking water (ok I am not bad AT drinking water...usually...just bad about drinking it).  And I have already changed my mind about posting this because I don't really want accountability especially in case I quit.  

Okay I will post.  But I will NOT take my husband's suggestion and put a photo of me on here in nothing but bike shorts and a running bra.  NO.WAY.  I told him I would put a photo of him in bike shorts and a running bra though.

But if you read my previous post, I am still getting the details of posting photos down.  So Ryan is off the hook.  For now.  

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