Sunday, November 15, 2009


Last weekend our dog was hit by a car in front of Ryan and our three boys. He didn't make it. I thought I would share some of my memories of him while they are still fresh in my mind.

Miki had many nicknames. Licki - because he liked to lick Ryan's feet (eww). Frog - I guess because it rhymes with dog? I called him Princess - because he liked to sleep in late, he preferred his head on our softest pillows, and he always called shotgun in our car. Miki dog. Mikers. Mik.

Miki didn't wag his tail, he wagged his entire butt. And it would hit the wall and it was LOUD. One thing could set him off and make him happy or excited and the whole house would rumble with that THUMP THUMP of Miki's wagging butt.

Princess didnt get up in the mornings when I would get up and so I would step over him every morning while I made the bed.

We would let Miki in at dinner time so he could sit under the table during our "family time." He preferred to sit nearest to our 2 year old who he thought dropped the most food - in reality our 9 year old is our messiest.

My two year old would chase Miki with a water spray bottle, would dump dirt into his water dish, would put leaves on his head, would lock him in the garden, would sit on his face and would try to come up with at least one new way to torment him every day. And Miki tolerated it and I think liked it. My two year old would also sneak him extra food and dog bones when they thought no one was looking.

Miki dog was a big scaredy cat who ran from Ryan's guitar, the garbage can, backyard lizards and small dogs and cats he would meet on the street. And don't even mention fireworks, or nerf guns or the two year old. He was scared of water and would "tip toe" across a stream on tiny little rocks the size of his paws rather than walk in two inch deep water to cross.

Miki LOVED to run in open fields when we let him. He would bound higher that it seemed possible. He could also rock climb better than any mountain lion I have ever seen and jump over any obstacle.

Miki didn't bark or jump. However he did pee on our neighbors stairs (in his house) once and peed on a woman's back at the park once. So before you think he was a good, smart dog - just so you know..

Miki could run 3 1/2 milees around the lake with me and then I would have to drag him home. That was annoying.

Miki was also smelly and hairy (as all dogs are). I am not a dog lover but I am outnumbered 4-1 in our family. Ryan and the boys lost a loved one last week and we all lost a part (albeit annoying part) of our family. If dogs go to heaven then I am sure Princess is peeing on the pearly gates and playing fetch with some of the saints. I don't know if there are many walls in heaven but if there are, then the angels are probably waking each morning to the THUMP THUMP of Miki's butt. We'll miss you Miki.

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